Amazing 4K Timelapse Shows Off the Beauty of New Zealand

Martin Heck from Timestorm films kicked off a series of timelapse videos through New Zealand with the release of Awakening earlier this month. While Awakening took the viewer across New Zealand's grand landscapes, his latest film Amplitude explores its details. Taking you on a journey through its caves, waterfalls and lush greenery, the details and colors are sure to excite your senses and have you putting New Zealand on your bucket list. What I love about Martin's timelapses is that each frame stands on it's own as an enviable image. Replete with gorgeous textures, light and compositions, the video immerses you in the beautiful world he's filming. Sit back and enjoy.

4K Version here:

Check out more of Martin's work on his Vimeo Channel and Facebook Page

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Sean Shimmel's picture

And after all the huffing and puffing for clarity perfection there's the 4k Film Grain 35mm plug-in. Such confusion.

Aaron Ramsey's picture

Hmmm, looks like 1080p to me. Oh, wait, that's my monitor's fault. Nice video, however! And I've ALWAYS wanted to go to New Zealand!

Mike Folden's picture

Pretty dope but I think I'd prefer just video on a lot of these shots. When not much is happening in time, the jerky footage is just annoying to me. The cave stuff was really cool though.

Henri Pham's picture

great shots! though some shots didn't really require a timelapse and you don't really see anything actually changing through the course of time. So feels like a lot of wasted time and effort when the same shot could have been made with just a video.

...but regardless that's me personally, still a great work.

Joonas Nieminen's picture

With pictures you get higher resolution. If the camera in use didn't have 4K video option available.