Amazing 5 Minute Gatorade Commercial Shot In 1 Take

A couple months back Patrick and I flew up to Chicago to film a BTS of a Gatorade commercial featuring Chaz Ortiz. We have still not completed our BTSV but someone just sent me ANOTHER Gatorade commercial shot at the very same school featuring Chaz Ortiz that has a killer BTSV. The video below was shot in one single take and it will blow your mind. Our video should be released soon but it will be hard (impossible) to top this one.

The behind the scenes

Unfortunately the BTS video has been pulled from youtube. You now have to go over to The Berrics site to watch it. If it pops up on YT again we will post it here.

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Jesse Lash's picture

Wow that was amazing. Loved the timelapse hallway shot especially.

The color processing was interesting as well... very vintagey/warm

jumout's picture

I agree, amazing production and result. But can someone tell me why Chaz doesn't use his skateboard to go to college and to leave it. I guess a true skateboarder would enjoy doing so. So in the end he just brings it for 10 seconds ?

I think that they wanted to show how young he was by letting his parents pick him up from high school. 

Patrick Hall's picture

that and also Chaz lives out in the country with long highways connecting his house to his school.  I'm sure the skate ride would be like 5 miles

jumout's picture

Thank you guys for clarification !

Good he didn't fall at the end :D
Great directing with all those people.

Not your fault, but the behind the scenes video is not available in Germany due to missing music publishing rights.

search for it on google, there are other versions of it. 

Found it, thanks for the hint.

Awesome concept and execution!  I still can't believe he feebled that rail 5 times in a row... Can't wait to see your BTS

Not allowed in united states now

Kyle Curgenven's picture

Seem to have been taken down, for another. I think thats it.

Mike Tarsitano's picture

Kyle thanks for posting new link 

Nikola Ovcharski's picture

Good job for the crew

One Take. Amazing... Looking forward to BTS stuff. 

James's picture

Sick .. .