Amazing Beauty Retouching Done in Video: Before and After

I don't speak Russian, but to understand what is going on in this video, you don't have to. It's amazing what can be done in post, but to be honest, I wasn't even aware the extent this could be done in video. You can see the "cloud" following her hair on the right, so I'm guessing they did some retouching on a still frame, and then motion-tracked those layers with her eyes. Perhaps? I don't know. It's pretty amazing stuff.

The lovely Julia Kuzmenko was good enough to translate the video for those of us who don't speak Russian:

Starting at 0:22 sec in that order:
- remove a hair across the pupil
- hard shadow on the nose
- pieces of lipstick on the lips
- shadow on the nose
- wrinkles on the forehead
- freckles
- undereye wrinkles/shadows
- fine lines on the upper eyelids
- uneven skin
- flyaway hair in motion
- empty and boring background
- more flyaway hairs

at 1:03 as she looks away:
- red vein in the eye

at 1:06
-Color correction

at 1:13

before retouch video fstoppers

after retouch video fstoppers

Take a look at another one we posted a little while back. Man, this stuff is really quite impressive. Focus on the technique, if the idea of retouching doesn't jive with you. I'm just impressed with the level of skill involved here.

[Via Solstice Visuals]

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Wow, very impressive. I wonder what type of computer setup you would have to have in order to retouch 4K video like that. Not to mention the hard drive space needed just to hold the original files.

LOTS of RAM, a CRAZY CPU, SSDs preferably. Nothing hard to get really. Just costly.

it's worth noting that this was only 2.5k video, but still - a decent system is needed. Ram and SSD's (or a lot of patience) are the starting points. A multi core CPU (8+) is likely being used here as well.

I have an i7 iMac with the 2GB nVideo video card with a regular hard drive and the 2.5K files playback and edit no problem.

Your iMac is a toy compared to a real workstation.

Interestingly aggressive statement considering the iMac has for the most part become the gold standard for digital professionals. Sure, if you need the horsepower to run high resolution 3D or 4kp video editing a kitted out windows tower will probably more effective but for anyone that has no need of this extreme level of processing power they will likely lose more time to having to deal with Windows than they ever will gain in slight speed increase.

For Braden, and many others the iMac is the most ideal workstation on the planet. And I quite agree with him.

But, regardless, he was only stating that his iMac is able to edit video just fine. I see little benefit from your passive aggressive insult other than seeming to want to start the age old Mac vs Windows debate that will never end.

I say use whatever computer works best for you. But the fact that someone else chooses a different device is not an attack on you or your choices it is merely evidence that we humans tend to all be different.

Exactly. Thanks Ryan. I wasn't trying to start a debate. I was simply stating you don't need a crazy powerhouse machine to work well with these files. In fact I can playback 5K Red Raw clips as well without rendering. iMacs really are a great value for the power you get.

Wow! How the hell? =/

The Beauty Dictatorship.....

what program is?

well you can do it on single frame... it´s not that much more complicated with todays rotoscoping etc. to transfer it over to video.

The grain changes every full frame. That's why it is more complicated. You'd have to probably remove the grain and then add it back in. There are a lot of methods and some easier than others.

i call witchcraft

need more details bout the step please :-)

noi facem si laba

what software do they use to do so?

It takes me a while to retouch just one single shot like this and there's many layers involved. I'm guessing some kind of advanced rotoscoping was used.

hmmm i think possible way is to use after effects with copy of the video layer with curve mask for the skin parts also with blur applied and some curve adjustments.....and this can do the trick i think .......but still many time and work needed.

do we really need to care that much in terms of videography? A simple blur will do just fine in videos, I think.

Not if you're filming 4k and slow mo maybe?

What's interesting is they didn't fix everything they noted. The lipstick for example isn't correct through the motion only on the frame where the mouth is closed. Interesting stuff going on... :P

Davinci Resolve For sure!

awesomeness (y)

Its not that impressive Raw files are easy to retouch go see for yourself.

I understand Russian. I wrote a message on Vimeo to them (on russian) and asked them how they made their retouching. Hope they gonna read it soon.

Not bad! =)

Beauty Box 3.0 can do this in 5 seconds.....Not impressed

OR... you can just drink beer until this happens naturally.