A Before And After Look Of How Beauty Retouching Is Done In Video

As a retoucher, I'm always fascinated by the world of video and how retouching is done in beauty commercials. Foton Inc. released a video a few months ago showing how to make someone look younger with their “Age Reduction FX” technique. Now, here's another video showing how retouching in video is done in 4k format for a typical beauty video. 

Whether this is now an industry standard, I am not sure. There are also probably other methods of retouching video too. This is probably the cleanest way out there. However, this does give a great in depth look at retouching video without retouching each frame individually. Apparently, after a standard retouch is achieved, it appears that the results are tracked over the face as the subject moves. This allows for a clean and consistent look without blurring the skin at all.

Foton states:

We developed special movie retouching techniques that won't damage a detail of material,

and don't use "blur skill" for it that is why you feel more real.

And also we work on 4K data without compressing 4K into HD.

This model already had the natural beauty. However,we could improve it more to perform retouching,free transform, and color correction in the movie.

[Via Vimeo via Foton]

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This is Insane!!

What is this sorcery!?

The cake is a lie!!!!!

so lola vfx has some competitions

that is just plain bananas!!!!

They are asian, that's how they do it!

Good but some parts still look very plastic. For example if you check the finish/original at 02:18 - the cheek under the right eye looks way to retouched (Atleast if you really compare it). Plus the original shot looks already very plastic/cgi-ish (could be lighting though)

 you are right but because is a movie you will barely look to that small detail ;)

 yup true, thats why i wrote if you really compare it.

Mind = fucked.

I guess I'm the only one who thinks that the original looks better. The finished image looks artificial, over smooth and plasticky.


Very very easy material to work with, they basically only had to remove a few spots and lighten up a few places (under the eye etc.) And 3-4 days, wow... we're doing 30 sec commercials with 20 clips in different framing / movement in that time, with 45 year old models!

However, nice video to look at!

Photoshop in video. I'm speechless. Really. 

Excellent retouch work,the skin retains great texture and color is very nice


After doing some searching today (Nov-24-2013), I found this on MM >



a Japanese company Foton Inc is working on such software which would make things easy for motion retouching.
they did a demo last yr.
did anyone get that?


Yeap! I was in touch with them! They not use any plugins... Just a good workflow with Nuke, but they also have a strong
workhorse software ; Flame from Autodesk ( around 1200$/h to rent a room to edit)
Many people made a mistake about what they are doing... It's not something really news for the insiders... Like Photoshop
20 years ago no body knows about retouching and before Photoshop we have Scintex, Retouch Adam Machine and so on...
I think it's still belong to highend market with really big budget!!!
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I'm amazed!!! Really great work.Thanks. Always interested in how video retouching is done. These works (https://www.digitalbeautywork.com/portfolio) also amazed me.