Another Creative Way To Document A Vacation

For most people, their first attraction to a camera probably occurred during a vacation or a traveling trip. If you've ever had to sit through someone else's photo album of a trip, you know how excruciating and boring it can become. Well Rick Mereki and his friends Tim and Andrew decided to make a fun video documentary that proved to be anything but boring and mundane. This one minute clip shows what a little creativity can do to make a trip spanning over 40 days, 11 countries, and 38,000 miles as exciting for us as it was for them. We've featured other creative vacation videos in the past, and our goal is always to keep you guys inspired to do something interesting during every opportunity. Let's just hope Mr. Lee Morris is taking this to heart while in Italy :)

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

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That is absolutely inspiring and creative. This seems like a trip of a lifetime, one he'll probably share for the rest of his life. 

Other two movies - Learn & Eat are also great. Thumbs up!

Ghislain Leduc's picture

I likeit, original, very creative but it almost gave me a headache! :) I guess I'm getting old, I would really like to know how he did this :) So cool


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i think this is awesome!! i would have liked it to be a little longer with a
little slower transitions. but still, this is epic!

Motti Bembaron's picture

Very well done!

thats pretty neat! Lol


this is awesome!

Carl Bertossi's picture

Awesome ! is kind of  Time lap with video is a Time Lap Video

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loved it!

Wonderfully entertaining and technically brilliant. Loved the other 2 films as well. Maybe more! 

This reminds me of that video that got so popular on youtube of the guy dancing around the world, very cool!

this is so rad!

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Brilliant -- really creative.

I might like this better than the Levi's walk across America spot. Very inventive.

Well that was fucking epic

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Such a simple idea... and so effective.

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The title should be "MOVE - and leave a carbon footprint like there's no tomorrow"
Just jealous. 

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Since the video has been posted here, everyvbody is talking about it on the internet... This is why is so important! We share, we learn and it give joy and hopes to lots of people! Bring it on!!!! FSTOPPERS forever!

cool gave me a great guide for how to approach shooting my vacation in thailand thanks!

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great idea, nice editing.