[App] Get Slow Motion 60fps On Your iPhone 4S

While some apps might say that they can record slow motion, chances are they are using software to blend frames together and interpolated pixels are created to simulate slow motion. This technique often appears stuttery and quite as smooth as a real high-speed frame rate. A new iPhone app called SloPro claims to actually record 60 frames per second on the iPhone 4. The results looks solid, but check it out for yourself. The app is free but will cost you $2 to ditch the watermark.

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One of the best apps I've used in a long time!

Fake.. clearly isn't shooting at 60fps

I have not used this app but I've looked up clips from it on Youtube and it does not appear to actually be shooting at 60fps. 

SloPro 60FPS iPhone's picture

We can assure you that the app is capturing 60FPS on the iPhone 4S. Download it and export the raw footage. You'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Hey SloPro, thanks for chiming in! Wondering if there's any manual ISO control?

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Next version (already submitted to Apple) will have exposure and white balance lock. 

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How about the iPhone 4? Does it still do it, but only in 720P (as this is the maximum res for the 4)?

Edit, never mind - it says it doesn't work with the iPhone 4. Any plans to fix this?

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Why omit the iPhone 4 market? There are still plenty of them out there!

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Processor speed.

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Kevin is right - we have not been able to get the iPhone 4 to capture 60FPS. People are having a hard time understanding, but it is a hardware issue. Believe me, WE ARE NOT HOLDING OUT ON YOU! If we could, we would give 60fps capability to every iPhone user... the specs just aren't there.

I already download the new updated app with buying the in app purchase but somehow my iphone 4s could not get 60fps slow motion video as being reported. Any fancy tricks to do this?

Any plans for Android?

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How's the rolling shutter on an iphone? Seems like it might be an issue in shooting fast action.

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this is REALLY 60 fps on 4S. Thanks SloPro

I have an iphone 4s...sometimes... the clips are not 60 fps ...specially when you take more than one clip and the flash was on ....the frames drop to 30 fps and sometime to 15 fps ..also the only way to get the 60 fps is to save it "60fps to itunes " and get it from ifile.... the slow motion option is not applicable to the 60 fps clip...!!!!!!!!
when you do the slow motion and export it to camera role or to youtube it will be only 30fps ....i hope the developer will release an update to improve the performance ...to apply the slow motion to the 60 fps and export it ...60fps...

I have an iPhone 4S, I always export the unedited raw file to iTunes, and I always get a 30 fps clip. Lolwut?

planning to do something similar on android ?


hummmm i just wonder difference between free and paid version... explain please?