April Fool's: Filmmaker Hacks DSLR To Shoot Long Exposure Video During The Day

Los Angeles based filmmaker, John Irwin, customized a DSLR intervalometer and hacked his Canon's firmware to allow him the advantage of shooting long exposures in video mode during the day. The device uses a remote trigger to allow a controlled burst of exposure that is carefully calibrated beforehand depending on the available light. The key to his method was his ability to ramp the camera's shutter to blazing fast speeds (upwards of 1/93000) each time the remote trigger is clicked. This firmware hack allows him to extend the exposure without blowing out the image right away. The results are impressive, especially as shown in the test footage with such fast moving subject matter. There's been no mention of when or if the device will be put out on the market but it's rumored Irwin will be making an appearance at this year's NAB conference for a demonstration of his device.



If Irwin can perfect the device and get it out into the market, there are untold amazing things that could be done with it. Would you pick one up? Let us know what you would do with one in the comments below.

UPDATE: For those of you who thought this was a hoax, you were correct. Hope you enjoyed your April Fool's day!

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luka pogorelz's picture

i still don't understand how this works??
can anyone technically explain this?

it´s called April foolls day ;)


So cool! Can i pay by credit card or paypal? Btw, your BTS was great. The audio makes it more intriguing !

shucks! I have been April Fooled! haha

Happy April Fools Day... didn't get me. :)

Viktor Arakchiev's picture

Congrats, you just broke physics :)))

Derek Sexton Horani's picture

Hahaha - today I also figured out a way to hack my IBM 486 processor to flawlessly edit 4k resolution video. I didn't think it was possible, but I used it to do my first feature film, which considering I just hacked it today, is pretty amazing that I've edited a feature film. It just shows how much potential our computer chips really have and how these companies with all the revenue they have and money they invest in bringing us the most competitive products are still holding the curtains over our eyes. I hope to be able to introduce my hack chip at NAB this year too!


lol april fools.


jonathan thorpe's picture

april 1st guys

Dose this hack come with the in camera post-processing? Nice mouse there! :P


I hate April 1st

Oh dear, some people are pretty slow on the uptake of what date it is! this video is good but far more amusing is the comments!

April fools.

done in after effects!
happy fools day everyone! ;)

Krisztián Storm Kocsis's picture

Long exposure VIDEO!!! ROFLMAO!!! This made my day! XD

Cool if it were real... the acting by the camera men and the terrible "signal degradation" scene were dead giveaways.

He succesfully april fooled you, or did you fool me?

Wil Koetzler's picture

big fake

Lucas Martling's picture

Me WANT :)

Fake or not, still some amazing effects and interesting concept.