Basketball Never Stops: Filming A Nike Commercial With Only One Light

If you were approached by a big client and asked to only shoot with one light, would you freak out or would you make the most of the situation? In Nike's latest basketball commercial Basketball Never Stops, they only used one single hard light to tell the story how the game and fans go on even after the court lights turn off. I think videos like this are a great reminder that sometimes less is more. Sometimes a simple setup can still produce dramatic results (even if you have you substitute a helicopter for a lightstand). Check out the video below and watch the second video to see a short Behind The Scenes video on the making of this latest Nike Ad.

Behind The Scenes:

Final Video:

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Mr. Nuyoka's picture

As soon as I seen Lebron James I exited out! :P

Very Beautiful! amazing what you can do with simplicity.

yeah simplicity sc a   l     e         d Up!

I've pretty much lost total interest in basketball, more specifically pro basketball, but this video excites me fo rit. Love the connection between the street kid and the pros and the one light work is terribly creative!

Dont understand why they rent a helicoptere, they could substitute it in certains scenes. High budget doen't mean that you have to spend high money/.

and this is done with arri or red not dslr... not that it couldnt be done but just sayin