Batelco Creates One Heck of an Ad

Fstoppers reader Marcin from Poland sent me an email with one of the coolest BTS videos I've seen in a while. If you were like me, you might not have heard of Batelco before. Batelco is a major telecommunications company based out of Bahrain. I've never seen such an elaborate commercial for a telecommunications commercial before, and with a budget of 1 million dollars and a production time frame of over a year it might be a while until someone outshines this ad. I've attached the first trailer here on the front page but be sure to hit the full post for a second trailer and a nice behind the scenes video. If you want even more super in depth BTS footage from this commercial check out the Batelco Facebook Page where they discuss each individual segment in great detail.

Behind the Scenes

Heli Video on the Baltelco shoot in Toronto from Heli Video Productions on Vimeo.

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When is the release date! I'm so pumped, that looked amazing! Did anyone else notice almost all of the camera's are 5d2's? :DD

It seems crazy to me that they would shoot with 5Ds with a 1 mil budget.

They also used the RED one ;) And the 5Ds are pretty remarkable for video! That coming from yours truly, a Nikon fanboy.

the 5d's make sense for the rc helicopter shots but otherwise why not use the red?

Nice, although the BTS is much more impressive than the actual trailers O.o Anyone knows who makes the remote heli? Provided it's not custom built, of course..

I feel like I already watched the final ad on vimeo.. :/ yep, here is the ad

that was unreal!

The entire commercial was shot on 7D's not the 5. The 7D can accept the PL mount.

The Red was only used for one shot at the skate park/ techno crane. Why not use the Red for the whole thing? Look at the commercial, could it look better? I doubt it.

Thanks for posting!

PS. I built the helicam.

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I Can't believe they did all of this for $1M. Unbelievable.

It's great to watch and visually compelling but I have no idea what product is being sold here. The ad is for Batelco, but what does Batelco do, or sell? I could google it, obviously, but I thought ads were a means of marketing a product or company. If I don't know what the company does, why would I make the effort to investigate?

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I looked them up and they are a communications company but I agree, I had no idea what they were promoting. Point to take away: always make sure people know what you are selling

I thought that was the Toronto subway. and a 5D woudl work fine for guerilla filming there.

Ok so it was NOT a guerilla shoot. Still nice job mixing real toronto and CGI.