Resource Magazine's Bill Nye BTS Shows the Process Behind a Magazine Feature Spread

Resource Magazine has a big issue out this quarter: Bill Nye is telling the world why photography will save it. Want to know the answer? You're going to have to grab this fall's issue of Resource. But a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot for this feature's spread shows just how much compositing there is in modern-day photography. Composited or not, the video is a quick, interesting look into a neat shoot with science's most famed personality.

While some shoots are still done in public spaces, the reality is that so much can be done in post that it's simply not worth the trouble. Unfortunately, shooting on a beach (let alone the complications of finding an empty one) requires permits and potentially a small army of a crew. And who knows what kind of permits shooting on Mars would require... but you get the idea. It's just easier done in post.

Still, it's amazing just how much can be done and on what budgets. Thanks to thrifty spending and, in part, to Nye bringing in his own clothes, Resource spent only $150 on total wardrobe expenses, $40 of which went to a white lab coat (come on, you're telling me Nye didn't have one somewhere in his closet that he could bring for the shoot?). A standard hard hat with light bulbs attached through drilled-in holes served as the centerpiece for the cover image — the lights were even "turned on" in post.

Either way you look at it, the shoot is a creative, fun chance for the guy to whom we handed over our fifth grade science class' rainy days to show his crazy, absurd, and unanimously loved expressions.

[Via Resource Magazine]

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Denis Girard's picture

These shots are really amazing! Thanks Adam!

David Lara's picture

Pretty cool. Love the final images.