Beginning Steps to Filming Weddings

Have you been considering getting into filming weddings, but not sure where to start? Here are six first steps to help you get started. In this video coming to you from wedding photographer and filmmaker, Eric Floberg, he shares six first steps when getting into filming weddings. The first step is pretty obvious, which is gear that can take video. While he doesn't tell you which system is the best, he gives you examples of some great gear and what you should look for in each one. With the other steps that gear is involved, Floberg discusses a few different options and how he uses each of these recommendations in his work, including budget-friendly options. 

The latter steps involve more of the post-production side of filmmaking and also he talks about the deliverables. The deliverables are a big thing you need to discuss ahead of time, as the different types can favor different editing styles. Floberg even shares what he charges along with the different packages he offers his clients during this segment of the video. 

Which step was your favorite? For those already shooting wedding films, what are some tips or first steps you would like to share?

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