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[Behind The Scenes Video] The Making Of A Cover Shot With Supermodel Coco Rocha

You might remember Coco Rocha from her past ELLE controversy that we recently posted. She's definitely one of the industry's top models. This time, we take a look at the making of a cover for Target Style. How many shots does it take to get 'the' cover shot when you have a supermodel as your subject? Take a look and find out. 

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Grzegorz Kornijów's picture

Now that's a model I could work with :)

She was great.

THE GREAT ZEEE's picture

thats why coco is the best. she puts in work and gets the job done. 

i would have done it on the 2nd shot.. :p ...

"the best" ?? I beg your pardon?
Someone here already saw one THE REAL TOPs working?
Well ... the level is just going d

John Godwin's picture

This is the kind of thing you show to anyone who thinks models don't work for their money. Great video. 

Tomas Ramoska's picture

 She only jump 19 times hard worker coco lol...

Jens Marklund's picture

Props to the photographer, for timing everyone of those shots perfect

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

1 and 15 were way better then the cover.

KGB's picture

"Hopping" is working for their money?
Coco is the best?
Oh dear...

Kevin Garrison's picture

When that's what is asked for by the marketing director of a company you could only hope to work for, yes. That is working for your money.

KGB's picture

Someone needs to look up the definition of the word "work".

le_requin's picture

This isn't "hopping". She knows exactly which poses work well on camera, which direction to look, how to hold the hands, where to place the feet, how to keep the face relaxed and expressive even when concentrating and so on. It looks easy, but it is actually extremely difficult.
A model of that caliber has a repertoire of poses, she could keep doing this for a several hundred shots at that speed without repeating or mirroring previous ones or taking pauses to think. She controls what she eats (clothes used for fashion shoots have standardized sizes, so she can't be too fat and she can't be too skinny or the clothes won't fit). She does extensive, hard and targeted workout so her body looks great and so she can keep the "hopping" up for quite some time without getting sweaty or needing a break. She makes sure she sleeps enough to look great even though she has to deal with jetlag several times a month and has lots of stress and an extremely busy schedule. She has her eyes open in all shots even though she is being blasted at by an extremely powerful fan. She jumps in shoes that are most likely uncomfortable and don't even fit her feet. She adjusts to what the photographer and a dozen other people ask of her, knows how she can move based on the photographer's framing and can take direction without needing to break the shooting rhythm. She keeps a positive attitude no matter how stressful her day has been so far, how much pressure the team is under and how the atmosphere on set is (this is priceless). She can deliver consistently on that level no matter if she is feeling well or not that day. She doesn't complain at all if you have her in Hair & Makeup for five hours, and after that she can still do this thing. She has and maintains a personality that is special, recognizable, and consistent no matter who she works with, always giving you something that is unmistakably her, yet she is flexible and versatile and can adapt to any situation and look you want. And "hopping" is only a very small part of what she does, she has to deal with business. A model isn't just a person, they are running a small company. Someone has to deal with contracts, politics, paparazzi, agents, clients, managers, scheduling, travelling, licensing, and so on.

I have the utmost respect for someone who can do all that, manage a team and look amazing and effortless doing it while consistently delivering work on such a high level.

Every single one of these images would work as the cover. Just think about that. If circumstances dictate it (say you're shooting on a tropical island but the weather is a disaster and you only have 10 seconds total to shoot where the sun comes out) and messing up is not an option, you can make it happen with this model. That is my definition of working for one's money, no need to look it up.

★✰★Original★✰★'s picture


I wish i had a model like that. She makes it so easy knows what she is doing with little to no direction

Damn great model!

Rob Luckins's picture

Damn. She really knows what she's doing. Working with people like this is such a privilege. 

Paul Ferradas's picture

She's fucking amazing!

Hunter Harrison's picture

Holy carp! She seriously knows what she is doing and gets it done. Something tells me she chatted with the photographer and art director about style, and then just went for it. Awesome to say the least.

Jeff Largent's picture

So 19th frame made the cover, I have a hard time believing that was the last shot.

Mr Blah's picture

I would have had 19 frames off sync. The real feat here is the photographers timming!!!

The girl just made a few flips like any 8 year old do when daddy takes the camera out....

Kevin Garrison's picture

There's more too it than that though. You can tell the deliberation in each motion and the fact that she can keep her face so flawless and her poses so deliberate - it's extremely professional.

Michael Murphy's picture

crazy fast! the whole shoot was shorter than the time it takes me to remember that i forgot to turn my pocketwizards on!

Dimi Neria's picture

What do you think they were using for to the wind machine?

it usually takes me around 300 shoots to have 5 usable images for a magazine

Why dont i know ant models who do it like that? usually takes me 30-50 frames