BTS: 'Halloween' A Stop-Motion Short Film Created By Children

It's that time of year again. Children dress up in ghoulish costumes, grab their jack-o-lantern baskets and extort candy from the neighbors. Although, in Norway Sandnes Media AS, an animation studio, had the children who participated in their latest children's animation workshop do something a little bit different this Halloween.

Twenty children (ages 7-16) worked for one week, or twenty hours to create the short film. Everything from the puppet-making, set design, to the lights and cinematography was done by the children themselves (with direction by the studio). I, for one, applaud the studio for having these workshops as a way of teaching children an artform which many believe to be slowly dying out in lieu of computer graphics. With their guidance they may very well be grooming the next Tim Burton or Will Vinton.

You can learn more about the Children's Animated Workshops on their blog:


HALLOWEEN - by children, ages 7 - 16 from Sandnes Media AS on Vimeo.

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Wow. That is amazing!