[BTS] Inside Look At Short Film Shot On C300 By Phillip Bloom

DSLR guru Phillip Bloom recently worked on a short scifi film that used the new Canon C300 as it’s primary camera. While the short film isn’t finished yet, this behind-the-scenes video has been released for everyone to see. While it’s quite long, it’s a unique inside look at how the director worked with the crew and what it was like to be on set.

From Phillip Bloom’s blog:

“The camera turned out to be the perfect camera for the job. Everything about it worked perfectly. For a camera that I will mostly be shooting documentaries with, it excels at narrative work too.”

Head on over to Phillip’s site for a well written and informative post about the details of the production, as well as some sample stills from the camera and some more BTS shots.

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Tom Sherwood's picture

The BTS is 45min for a short?  Way too long.  25 minutes into it I woke up and turned it off.  Usually Phillip Bloom BTS are really good. 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Another example of how C300's, parabolic umbrellas, 80 megapixel digital backs or any other new glitzy technology mean very, very little without the magic of vision and presentation.

Was truly wanting to like this. But not a SINGLE frame within the scrubby slider got me to stop for even a second. 

Sean Shimmel's picture


It's not the 45 minutes... I would just prefer a more interesting use of my 45 minutes.

It's too bad that people these days cannot survive without instant gratification.
You wanted a 4 minute BTS...
Learn to watch.

i enjoyed it, of course i had other things I was working on but glanced to and from it time to time. It was very interesting.

★✰★sin(theta) = a★✰★'s picture

i watched the whole thing... while smoking weed!

Yep, just like in Hollywood.  It's a cool video, just not relevant to what I do or what I like to watch on this site.

How do you get funding to do a low budget project like this? Or, how do you get so many people to agree to do such a low budget project like this for no money. It seems like they are all trying to pull a Vincent Laforet by shooting some not that good footage with a new camera system in the hopes of getting recognized. The was having trouble holding the camera because he should have been holding a dslr for those shots. I'm sure Philip knew this but needed to press the issue that he was using a new Canon camera.