BTS Of A Photography Workshop... In Bullet Time

The workshop started like any other; 22 photographers and 20 models (with guns) pile into a room and begin shooting at each other. Then the guys at Blown Apart Studios have an idea. How about a bullet time video shot in 1 take with a Steadicam?

With absolutely no planning they yelled for everyone to freeze and they filmed the frozen scene for 2 minutes.

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This is pretty sick looking... so simple

Very cool video. What does bullet time mean? When I first read it I thought it was written wrong but thought we might see some bullets flying or something.

What a cool effect. .. I would have also loved to have been one of the photogs in that workshop.

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Very, very cool. Awesome video.

now this is awesome!!

Any chance of a BTS of this BTS? :)

You really can't see if anybody is moving at all, very very good!

Great video! In the first room you can see the last lady's lips move, but that's the only give-away. Great planning in this shot, and even better execution! Nice work! Also, plus one for wanting to be there. That last model was wicked... I'd love to see some of the shots that came from this.

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Awesome, very original, a real punch! Wow great stuff!

Wow! I wish I could make BTS like that!!! <3 haha Amazing work! :D

Very well done!

Quite a few lip and eye movements if one really are into seeing these things, but othewise very well done.

Awesome concept! Looks like a great photoshoot!

You have to be really looking specifically for eye movement to actually see it. I only saw it once after reviewing the video multiple times. WELL DONE shot! And was a blast!

Thanks for the comments. Glad everyone likes it, especially considering how thrown together it was.

The inspiration for this was the Philips Carousel video that fstoppers posted a while back. It was so awesome, and when the bts showed how it was done we couldn't believe that all they did was hold really still! Sure they had motion tracking cameras to help in post with wire removal and a lot of people and equipment but at the heart was a really simple method. So simple that we knew we had to try it. We were planning on something a little more elaborate with lots of effects but when we saw this room full of models, photographers and guns we said "why not".

The post work wasn't too bad. We just used speed ramping to hide a lot of the movement and control the pacing (Note: the only movement that we hid was people moving, the seadicam work was rock solid, there wasn't a single hitch in the 2:10 original shot). The grade was a little complicated because we had to find something that would work for the whole shot. We ultimately ended up haveing to use a couple instances of Colorista II but we only had to key one exposure change.

We actually have some bts footage of this shot. It's not much but we may put something together later.

Great soundtrack! Who is the artist? Name of the track?

High impact, different and exciting! Wow, thois is a trip! Keep them coming.

Very cool. Sorry I missed this shoot.

The song is called "Nice Shot" from a band called "Filter". It seemed fitting.

The song is called "Nice Shot" from a band called "Filter". It seemed fitting.

Very cool. Great concept. And I love the people moving slowly in the background at the end - just make a surreal video a little more surreal. Love it.

For me I don't see whats so special about this video. Telling people to stay still then moving round then with a camera? Maybe if at the start everyone was moving then they all froze it would make more sense to me. but then again I am not a video guy.

liked the music :)

The one shoot in your entire website that didnt light my fire :(
Other than this work, everything else ROCKSSSSSS!!!!!!!

LOVE this video. This photo shoot was especially fun. So much creativity and work beyond just the standard posing infront of a camera.

This is awesome, nice to know how you guy achieved this from start to finish, it really shows the possibilities than can happen with some creativity and the know how. Good job