[BTS Video] GQ Fashion Shoot With Three Mercedes-Benz Cars!

London Fashion Week is fast approaching and GQ magazine in the UK decided to put together a shoot sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Instead of the "usual" shoot that includes models and luxury cars (think of every music video ever made), GQ chose to go in a slightly different direction.

GQ asked three celebrity stylists to design suits that were directly inspired by each of the Mercedes-Benz cars. The BTS video below shows all sorts of neat tricks, including some interesting lighting techniques for the car portion of the shoot. Be sure to check out the video if you are interested in seeing how a large budget photo shoot unfolds.


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How is that guy a male model... I need to learn to stand near a car and make the big bucks

Anybody know what song that is in the background? Think i've fallen in love with it!

if you have an iphone install soundhound and it will show you ;)

I don't unfortunately.. Anybody able to search it for me? Tried googling the lyrics but I had no luck. </3

 Turn The Sport Off (Main Mix) - Bob Bradley & Sarah Wassall

The tune was great, the other bits, did he say "Monkeys"?  -  come on fstoppers, less is more, now anything that moves or clicks is here. Oh there's a Nikon D800 out, have not seen enough vids of it here :) :)

 "I don't give a monkey's" is from Cockney rhyming slang and basically means (if you hadn't guessed) "I don't care".

You can't light a car with well with kinoflows ( you probably can  but it will need a lot of lights and time ). All the images are under or over exposed, even the images of the rim.
This seem a lot of work and crappy images and good advertising... I guess.
Go and see the final images.

Nam Phan's picture

at the 0:57 mark, looks like some light painting to me which I would love to have those lights do just that.

gotta feel sorry for the cars having such badly dressed people leaning on them... I must be out of touch with "style" if checkered tartan blue trousers are in order.

here's the music