[BTS Video] Joe McNally Shoots The Sense Of Sight (Circa 1992)

A unique behind the scenes look with Joe McNally shooting a cover story, The Sense of Sight (A National Geographic Production - circa 1992). Talk about a blast from the past. It's great seeing his thought process and work ethic through the entire process. It shows that no matter how old this video is, there's still a lot to be learned from watching the master at work. He also looks and sounds like the Matt Damon of photography.

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David Shepherd's picture

Wow! one of the Best post this year...well FStoppers history! Great insight to how the process works and it still holds true today. Great Job, Rookie.

Pratik Naik's picture

Thank you David! That is much appreciated. 

Eric Seilo's picture

Yo, Damon! Quit with that on-axis flash or in 10 years David Hobby will be so mad at you!

Stud Mcnally.... look at that stache. Good video.

James Robertson's picture

He's improved a lot..

Wayne Leone's picture

Master McNally
 - Master Photographer
 - Master Teacher
 - Master Author

MATTTT DAMMOOONN!!!! Wow, that's a great insight into what it takes, from conceptualization to the final printed edition. Too bad there isn't any BTS footage of Joe on all the other shoots, like Africa. Great to see such historical moments though...That was just yesterday!!!

massimuccio007's picture

What is the second episode gonna be called?! McNally Supremacy!? :-P  great stuff!

Matt Fitzgerald's picture

One of the best BTS vids I've seen...  EVER!