BTSV: The Girls of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Shoot

I am an old school Tekken fan. There was a time when I could compete against my little brother, one handed while only watching his controller. Back then my true loves were photography and the obscenely hot girls of Tekken. So you can imagine my excitement when they put out a quick BTSV for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 featuring the girls of Tekken.

via [1200ISO]

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Adam Cross's picture

I don't see girls of Tekken - I just see substandard cosplay


I'll have what they're having ^

If you're really a Tekken fan, you shoulda posted THIS BTS

side rant: how is Snoop still relevant? I wish he would retire

Michael Miller's picture

umm no to this. I hate when girls do that stupid hand chop karate pose. The girls were not sexy, Snoop Dog is pretty much annoying at this age, and what's up with that weak sauce tuner car? Man talk about money poorly spent.

Hmm - doesn't really show anything of interest.

This is only a behind the scene, I will reserve judgement till I see the end product.  haters gonna hate :P