Captivating Video Shows The Making Of A Limited Edition Leica Camera

In this beautifully shot video, get an inside look into the process of which Leica crafted a limited edition Leica M9-P "Edition Hermès". This video has very dynamic sound that adds another level of texture, where you can almost feel the materials they are hand crafting into place. According to an Engadget article, ther will be about 100 of these produced, and they will sell for a mere $50,000(!)

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Absolutely beautiful! Not just the product, but the care with which this camera and extras are made with.

John Graham's picture

I look at my Nikons with abject disdain after watching this video.

Pasha Kyrychenko's picture

Did you pay a price of a car for your Nikon? Why disdain?

Is it me or half of the video shows that you pay for craftmanship that doesn't show up in image quality?

Much like Ferraris have hand made interior... doesn't make them faster...

Anthony Chopin's picture

The handmade engines take care of that! ;)

Janella Curay's picture

amazing!!!!!! love it

Shawn Moreton's picture

awesome.  just love the craftsmanship seen here.  Sorry you can't appreciate that Simon!

Oh I appreciate the craftmanhip. I would never pay for a hand made leather bag that cost more than a professionnal lens though!

I just don't see the point of a camera cie that sells exclusiveness more than quality gears (not saying it's not quality, just that the price is justified more by exclusiveness...).

I enjoyed ALOT more the video of the guitar making guy.... because handmade guitar and mass produced ones just don't compare in sound...

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I love the attention to detail - absolutely fabulous! This is the kind thing that you cannot get from Chinese made goods. I am curious about the camera that was used for the video though ...

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Do did you pay 50,000 for china made? 

if you paid 50,000 for china make, you can get at least 2 x times better than this.

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music can bring the final touch of this video!?

no way man. the absence of music is what makes this clip so captivating. The sounds of the textures and processes is important and makes the video unique

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This must be why Leica is more expensive than Hasselblad on the used market. Yes, the craftsmanship is great.

But I'm a Chevy guy. Leica's cache is pretentious. Canon vs Nikon; Chevy vs Ford.

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I really like the color. I wish I had one just to put on display. Terrible. I know.