Cinema 5D Review the Canon T4i / 650D Video

Cinema5D's Sebastian has put together a video reviews of the Canon T4i / 650D and even has a video at various ISOs to compare the noise to that of Canon 7D.

Sebastian from Cinema D5:
The just recently announced Canon EOS 650D will hit the shelves pretty soon. We just received a beta version of the camera and I went out to take some video samples to see how the sensor performs.
This was all handheld with the $200 Canon 55-250mm IS lens and there was no color correction applied.

The beta firmware version had some limitations like I couldn't adjust the white balance or had wrong exposure at times. This should be resolved in the final version.

The handling of the camera was nice, although I didn't find the button layout perfect for video (having to reach with the wrong hand to the wrong side of the camera).

I didn't test audio or autofocus with the dedicated STM lenses.

Thanks to for providing wonderful music. Check out their licensing database, it's a great website.
The song used here is called "Arrows Fly" by "Afterlife Parade".

via [CanonRumor]

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THat's a cool accent..hint of German but fluent English. 

for the price range the 650D looks good but I'm really waiting to see the rumoured 7D upgrade/replacement. It would be cool if they do a 7D Cinema DSLR and a 7D Photo DSLR, sort of like how they came out with the 60D A for astronomy, I think it would split up the market but in a good way, because you could pick which model you want based on your primary use. So each model would cater more towards one feature than the other instead of trying hard to keep both photo and video up on the same level. -and they better not kick us in the teeth with yet another camera that only shoots 60p in 720 or they're gonna lose me to Sony's FS line up. 

it seems the old 7d beats the new canon t4i.