Contest Entry: James Karinejad Shoots "Strange Fruit"

James Karinejad has officially raised the bar on this contest. His team shot Emma Michelle's music video and he created a great BTS video to show us everything that went into making this a successful piece. View the full post to see the finished product and remember to please leave James feedback in the comments below or on his forum post here.

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awesome video lighting and camera moves.

I absolutely love this! Great job Guys!!!

Cheers Virgil, thanks Vincent, glad you liked it.

wow they really raised the bar!

Philip Vukelich's picture

Amazing work guys. What did you use for the shots where it looks like the camera is almost falling slowly through space around 1:20 where it is twisting and falling? Was it that shoulder mounted thing it showed in the BTS? And how did you achieve such steady and even focus shifts?

Really nice!!!
Well done!

my favorite billy holiday song! good job making a whole music video using (i think) one set. i liked it.

oh wow nice job! I might have to step things up now!