Converting Still Lenses for Cinema & The Differences Between Them

For those who dabble in video but come from a photo background, you might not know the difference between a still lens and a video lens. If you do, you might not know why those differences exist. DSLR Video Shooter has this really informative video that breaks down the differences and shows you how to convert your still lenses into cinema glass.

[via SLR Lounge]

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Waiting for all the cinema lens snobs to start dissing this awesome video...

Jeroen Rommelaars's picture

The only downside I have found to my Nikon stills lenses is that the focus ring is rather 'stiff'. If there was a way to loosen that focus ring,...I wouldnt want any other lens.

great video. Do cine lenses breath like still lenses do? some of my nikkors focus breath a lot

Chris Malley's picture

Cinema lenses have internal focusing, so the front elements doesn't move. Plus for focus pulls/rack focus the image doesn't breathe or has very minimal breathing.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I just acquired the old Nikon 28, 35, 50 105 and 200 because of this video. Yes, I was inspired!

Cinema lenses often have a longer throw on the focus ring and they don't breathe.