Could The Rhino Slider Be The Best DSLR Video Slider On The Market?

In the photography world it is all about lighting, lighting, lighting. For videographers the main emphasis is not necessarily lighting as much as it is motion. Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to add motion to your DSLR video is by using a slider. In this video we take a closer look at the Rhino Slider and why it might be the best sub $800 slider on the market.



I'm going to leave all the details about the Rhino slider to the above video, but I will say after having this slider for about a week now, it has surpassed my expectations. Here are a few impressions of the other sliders we have owned and why I believe the Rhino Slider might have them beat.

glidetrack sliderThe first slider we bought for video work was one of the Glidetrack Sliders which was appealing because of the price point. However we quickly realized its friction based design made it impossible to get smooth movements because sections of the track would become rougher than other sections. Manually pulling the track with a consistent speed was nearly impossible. Another problem with this design is the track itself is so flimsy and thin that you start to get a bouncing effect as the carriage moves further from the middle. Mounting this slider with two tripods on each end of the unit is a must.

indisliderThe second slider we bought was actually cheaper than the Glidetrack. I came across the Indi Slider by IndiSystems through an Fstoppers reader and decided to purchase one. At only $99 I believe this slider is still a great first buy if you aren't sure how much video work you will be doing or just want something to get you by for a year or so. The Indi Slider came out a few years ago when it seemed like everyone was designing DIY sliders so it definitely doesn't have the most professional build, but again it's only $99! This slider worked well for me and you can see some of the footage at the end of our video How To Photography Concerts with David Bergman and Bon Jovi. Our Indi Slider did eventually get a deep gouge in the aluminum track so we had to throw it away.

cinevate atlasFor our next slider we decided to go all out and buy a real professional piece of gear. We decided on the 35" version of the Cinevate Atlas 10. Unlike the previous two sliders, the Cinevate one uses robust ball bearing wheels mounted to a near indestructible steel track. As shown in the above video review, the Cinevate slider is definitely heavier and potentially more cumbersome than the Rhino Slider but many professionals might actually find that as a benefit. Cinevate does now make the Duzi Slider model which is designed much like the Rhino but without the all terrain feet.

rhino slider dslrI never like to make a complete judgement on a product like this until we've used it in the field for at least 6 months, but judging by the footage we filmed at a recent real estate shoot, I think it's pretty safe to say that the Rhino Slider is going to find a permanent place in our grip bag. If you have any questions about the Rhino slider or specific features, feel free to leave comments below.

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looks nice, I've been using this P&C slider for awhile, and honestly blown away by how smooth it is. built very strong, and very smooth ball bearings, plus awesome price, rhino just seems like not enough for too much money

Jaron Schneider's picture

I do have to say, I did enjoy using this slider as well.

P&C makes some great stuff, for great cost, I used this slider all the time, and the price is great. Sure I can't get it smaller or extensions for it, but I've traveled with it easily on planes so the size never bothered me.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah this one doesn't look so bad but it looks a lot like the Cinevate one. I always worry about getting sand in these tracks and wheels and then destroying the whole happens more often that you'd like to think

Jaron Schneider's picture

To add to this, the last one of these I used a rock got jammed in the rail and now there is a dent in the actual rail. To replace it would be to buy a brand new one.

Von Wong's picture

You really need to try this Sub-800$ slider - I think it definitely kicks the rhine slider's ass

Edelkrone all the way! The build quality in any of their stuff is top notch.

Jaron Schneider's picture

In conversation with them right now actually.

When I saw Edelkrone at Vistek I nearly pooped. Happy not to have to order direct anymore.

Patrick Hall's picture

This is really awesome looking. I love the unique design. I'm not sure I would want anything less than 2 feet they make a longer version? Also, how durable are those elastic bands going to be? I consider a slider in the same realm as a lightstand, monopod, tripod, jib and those all get destroyed in my grip bag. I'd love to review this though

They have the M (medium +$100) at 2ft & the L (large +$200) at 2.6 ft - what makes these extra attractive are the new targeting system they have for them.

I just saw this! wow their products are really next-gen... just when I thought I would have a cheap year, after all the equipment I purchased in 2013... here we go again.

Can you bust the myth? For edelkrone slider, do you have to use an equivalent or larger size tripod? I want a small slider. Most importantly i don't want a big tripod! Thanks!

Uhh how about a Kessler Stealth or Pocket Dolly? Will destroy all of these and is sub $800. Seems like a large omission.

I completely agree! Both of those would beat these in any aspect.

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I don't think this is the best Slider in the market, sorry. Check out the iFootage Shark Slider review by Caleb Pike and DSLRFILMNOOB

I just bought a Konova 48", used it on a test and it was silky smooth. Too bad the lighting was terrible and I couldn't use the footage.

Two words: Roller Skate

It's amazing.

Konova and Kessler Both make awesome sliders, if you want to check one out i Live in Charleston and am more then happy to share

Used teh Rhino. Hated it. Would get caught near the middle area. Bad design.

I am really wanting the edelkrone large with new target system like really bad : ) I just bought the DP Mantis M-1200 slider last year for $700+ hated the legs so modified it with the new Konova slider feet kit

its doing everything I need but man the edelkrone with Target system looks sweet! I just may consider selling my DP set-up to put towards it…decisions…: )

So now that you've had it for a while, would you still recommend it? I'm in the market for a new one, and your review has definitely pushed me toward the Rhino. I like the idea of having a single center mount option. Have you found that to work well? I'm concerned with the 4' model that it would sag on either end.

If I were willing to give up on the center mount, some other options start to look more attractive, like this one:

I like the idea of traveling without rails at all, but you would still need a stand on either end, so at that point just bring the rails too. With those large galvanized rails that you get from Lowe's you could put an elephant up there without bending them. Although, traveling with an elephant would offset the convenience of no rails too. I digress...

I geek out over the Edelkrone features, but it would cost more than I'm willing to pay to get them all, and you're still limited to a fixed (short) distance. I'm buying some lights too, so I can't go overboard with the slider.

So... still the best slider on the market?


You really need to check out the Shark Slider. Just picked one up. The flywheel makes it the smoothest slider I've ever used. Craftsmanship is Swiss like. Price is great. For 640.00 you get a two foot and a 3.5' slider (with extensions). I've used them all and the Shark is by far the best.

I was about to purchase the Rhino, but today I test drove the iFootage Shark Slider at a photographic center in Shanghai and I was blown away. The butter smooth action of this slider sets the bar for all other sliders. This really caught me off guard because I had never even heard of the Shark Slider prior to today. It is carbon fiber, light weight, comes with extension rods for amazing versatility, it's ridiculously smooth, and the price point is fabulous. Get your hands on this before you invest in any other slider.