Creativity, Robots, And A DIY Spirit Make For A Unique Music Video

This is one of the most interesting, and almost bizarre behind the scenes video I've seen. Musical artist Jack Conte came up with an idea for a video to go along with a music track he created called "Pedals", and through building his own spaceship set, using real working robots, and even getting Jeff Orlowski to shoot it, everything came together for an inventive final product.

The DIY level of talent needed to build your own set is quite an achievement. The results show though, and the quirky/campy feel of everything really seems to work. Passion can be the ultimate motivator. If you'd like to learn more about Jack and what he is up to, you can follow him on Twitter. Below is the final, finished video.

Photo by Drew Levin from Instagram

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Great production. I love to see people what are capable of... This is really great!