Day19 Shoots Usain Bolt For Puma

Day19 Shoots Usain Bolt For Puma

Day19 (the photography team of Jeremy and Claire Weiss) recently shot a new ad for Puma's fragrances Green & Yellow with the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt.

While this behind the scenes video doesn't give you a detailed technical description of how they shot the photo, I feel there is still a lot to learn from watching it. I think it's really cool to see how Jeremy and Claire both shoot together at the same time while Usain and the models walk down the street. At first glance the photo appears to be naturally lit, maybe with use of some reflectors, but in the video I spy a gelled Profoto head. I noticed during some of the shots they have wireless transmitters and some they don't.

So Fstoppers readers, what is your take on this shot? Did they go with natural light or did they use artificial light? Leave your theory in the comments below!

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Mark Salmon's picture

At the one minute mark you can see a gelled strobe in a tree! - So I'd say artificial.

Cody Ash's picture

front lit artificial.  gelled with CTO made to look front lit with sun.  Sun flare added in photoshop.  vignette cropped in top right to keep the sun as the main object in that corner.  good product placement as yellow is on the right where the sun was.  I don't believe a grid was used as that strobe was in the tree and probably flashed them all.  

looks like they all got their green shoes for the shoot too

dislike on a way too heavy vignette. lowers the production quality

leo_044's picture

Not too fond of the heavy vignetting but I love the concept and feel as though it suits Usain Bolt perfectly.

NIgel King's picture

Good chance the heavy vignetting is the art director rather than the 'photo takers'

We used a gelled strobe when we we first started the shoot facing right into the camera to create a flare because it was raining.  The sun finally came out and we used natural light.  Also, the vignette is a bit heavy but what can ya do?