Demon Cam: The Most Complicated Iphone App Video Ever

If you are a fan of iphone photo apps, huge CGI production movies, and sexy girls fighting with mystical powers then you will probably love this behind the scenes video. The Demon Cam is an iphone app that allows you to turn your face into a demon zombie. In order to promote the release of the Demon Cam, the guys over at Video Copilot created an unbelievably complex promo video that showcases how the application works. The behind the scenes video has a lot of CGI and chromakey trickery but it also has a bunch of clever ideas any photographer could use in their own productions. After reading the reviews of this app and seeing the amount of work that went into the opening video, I'm kind of curious to see what a Patrick Hall demon would look like. Check out the BTS video and then watch the final video below to see how everything came together. Head over to the app store to pick up the $.99 iphone cam and turn you and your friends into zombies!

Behind The Scenes

Final Video

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Awesome job from the video copilot guys! ive already been demonfied or somethink...

Dan Stone's picture

just downloaded it.... huh pretty cool! impressed iphone can do it and impressed with demoncam!

Motti Bembaron's picture

Very well done! Regardless of the app itself, the effort put into this video I am sure will be very appreciated by many.

It is shocking to me that you can create something like this with a crappy piece of green fabric. I have got to learn some aftereffects. 

Jaron Schneider's picture

The green fabric is cheap. The effects that shocked you, not so much lol

I love the VCP site, and glad they did the BTS video. It's worth spending the 99 cents just to keep these guys doing what they are doing.

Jens Marklund's picture

Great great video. Only thing I didn't understand was that they used green screens and green crystal balls, but when it came to them using the iPhone, they had almost like a skin tone-ish screen for the filming.

Inspiring... but thank goodness this BTS isn't an entry into the contest.

Paul Monaghan's picture

awesome work :)

Amazing work !

Great stuff but im not sure Andrew knows what Renaissance is ^^. its more middle age, isnt it ? ;)

Jason Lei's picture

Lol... I love how the bolt action rifle is now a machine gun in this clip...

Jmont's picture

These guys always do quality work and show you how for free. I went through their after effects basic training on my own and I learned a ton. Gotta love their desire to make the media world a cooler place.

Carl Bertossi's picture

Amazing as always I just simply love AK and his VC :)

M's picture

Haha that was awesome. Shane on the one guy who didnt give it 5 stars. 

Yes this app is amazing! Seen some of the videos coming out on youtube - Hilarious!!! here is one keeper: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Chaz Westwood's picture

I love the wall took a few hours to build and hes suddenly got a beard, i love these guys, they're so pro!