DIY: Build A Video Camera Slider for $30

A recent tutorial online shows us how we're able to take our video production with the use of a video slider. Often, camera sliders can cost hundreds of dollars, and can even break $1000 for a professional quality one. This latest tutorial shows you how you can make one in just an hour of time, and a mere $30 spent at your local Ikea.

We've reviewed quite a few sliders here on Fstoppers - some costing well over $1000. But even if you buy a $100 slider, this DIY solution will get you up and running for well under a third of that, leaving you with enough leftover money for 30 cups of coffee or a new pair of jeans. I wouldn't expect it to rival those constructed out of steel and with built in motors, but it should certainly help in a pinch.

The components below are all you need to get started and were purchased at Ikea for $28.48.

Fstoppers DIY Video Slider 1

The image below shows the completed slider (on the right).

Fstoppers DIY Video Slider 2

If you're into text instructions the maker of the video also made this Instructable.

If you don't live near an IKEA luckily all of these items can be purchased online. Here are the links to each item for a faster checkout on IKEA.
LEGITIM Chopping Board
KVARTAL Glider and hook
KVARTAL Triple curtain rail
KVARTAL Ceiling fixture (need 2 of these)

For the full tutorial, check out the article on it over at Instructables.

What DIY photo / video projects have you done? Tell us below in the comments.

[Via PetaPixel]

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Pretty cool.

I actually made a huge 3 x 4 m diffuser/reflector with the help of IKEA bathroom goodies (Curtain tubes and shower curtain itself) because I can't simply afford a Lastolite Skylite.

You should put up a how-to guide. ;-)

Augh, after decking out our studio with Ikea furniture only to find we forgot to buy power cables for lights, hinges for doors, brackets for desk legs to mount to, and a million other thing....I think I'm done with IKEA for a long time.

You're blaming them for stuff you forgot? That's like blaming the grocery store because I forgot to get the eggs for my cake.

I made a DIY beauty dish from a lamp shade from Ikea.

Tut is in danish but you can use google translate for your language.

Yeah... But you can see the skipping it had. I would have liked to see how the FOOTAGE looked...

Did you watch the video? 0:25 is the slider.

Nice Idea and I think it'll work, good that it's longer than most sliders too. But maybe do another video that is not mostly shots of the camera sliding or the dizzyiing effect of sliding the camera while shooting another camera moving...very hard to get any idea how stable this could be.

This does not work as good as everyone says, the wheels will not reach down so the board will not roll in the track it will glide ontop. So more friction than you would think...

Interesting article. I made my slider out of plumbing and electrical PVC and a $4 kitchen cutting board. I added a motor to it and it rocks! have some pictures and full description if any one else is interested.