[DIY Video] How To Build And Light A Set For A Product Campaign

Yesterday we got an interesting email from our friend Pye Jirsa over at SLRLounge.com. Pye recently helped film a video campaign for a friend's Kickstarter product launch called One and he decided to film a quick behind the scenes video on how he lit and filmed the different scenes. Pye is a big DIY guy and many of the lights he used on this production can be found for super cheap. We don't usually post a lot of Kickstarter proposals but the lighting tips from this one were simply too good to pass up. Watch the BTS video first and then the second video to see how it all came together.

Behind The Scenes:

Final Kickstarter Video:

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Lee Morris's picture

What was the point of hiding that first power cord? Just kidding, great job!

Payam Jirsa's picture

Wasn't sure on what camera angles we would end up using. Haha, ended up being pointless =) 

Anonymous's picture

But is it cool. Really? Good points for lightning on the cheap, but the final product is underwhelming. 

Payam Jirsa's picture

sp, would be cool to hear your ideas on what you think would have made it better. One thing I wish we would have done is use more front main lights to brighten up the subject and pull down the background more. When we did this, undfind didn't like it as the darker blue looked too much like a "dance club" haha. Dunno if I agreed with them, but what can you do. Given the budget and time constraints, this is the best I could come up with, but I always welcome a good verbal bashing, or CC as some like to call it =)

Anonymous's picture

Sadly, I kind of agree. Just a noob here but I feel like the different colour temperature makes it look a bit like green screen. The soft paper background looks harsh, as you said it's a bit too blown out. I feel tungsten on the background would have made it work much better. It would have ended up with just a soft white washed texture in the background that ties nicely with the subject.

Payam Jirsa's picture

Oh, by the way, I filmed this all in the super flat Cinestyle picture setting. I was hoping to get a lot of extra detail and color out of the final color graded version. But, I felt like a well shot standard picture style with the correct white balance and color grading got a much better final look. Dunno if anyone else has had this experience or has any tips on the subject. 

kymber palidwar's picture

Rad.  Thanks for the lighting tips.  Also... I kinda want a ONE bag now.  (Ahhhh, marketing at it's best).  Are they available yet?

Anonymous's picture

it's 40% off right now if you pre-order through kickstarter

Sean Shimmel's picture

Not at all underwhelming to me. 

Keep up the technical and creative vision. 

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

A wonderful DIY Lighting video. Loved the results! I'm pumped to tell my stories using these tools and, like the good folks who made the video, not take "can't" for an excuse. Thanks for the post!

Albert Manduca's picture

Not too thrilled with the final product. 

I liked the background idea and the setup with the reflection and all for the product line up. As for the talent, the lighting and final product wasn't quite there. The background is overexposed and it made the subject a bit darker. (the black polo on the didn't help either). Overall, it seems a bit flat and not enough light separation of the subject (Talent) to the background. A green screen would have done the same or even better outcome with less effort.