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Drone Octocopter Takes $58,000 Red Epic Camera To The Sky

Using drone octocopters to take breathtaking aerial footage is nothing new. But what would the results look like if you could combine a stabilized drone with ultra high def 5K footage from the Red Epic? That's exactly what OMstudios did with their self proclaimed "OM-copter". By using the drone, directors can now produce stunning high def and slow mo aerial shots without the high cost of renting an actual helicopter. Of course you have to be able and willing to secure a $58,000 video camera to a remote controlled octocopter in the first place! Check out the OMstudio Vimeo Channel for some great commercials and other video projects.

The OM-Copter gives wings to the Red Epic from omstudios on Vimeo.

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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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So i have seen a lot of videos using the octocopters and how great they are -- where do you even buy one of these things?

I think that this is where you want to start...


I was waiting for them to fly it over the grand canyon :(

I have the copter and just need the mount. I am surprised they didnt get a gyro for the mount. The camera would stay alot more stable. I guess they spent all their money on the red.

We are huge fans of OM Copter , and have followed their successes closely, eventually leading to our success in South Africa, now flying the RED EPIC on our custom built octocopter drones http://dronecrew.co.za/red-epic-drone/
(sorry for the punt)