A False Reality Brought to Life: 'Perspective'

I watched this video this morning thinking it was going to be something weird, and surely enough, it was just weird enough to catch my attention. Day after day, we all live in this crazy world where everything eventually just becomes so common — our commutes to work, our daily routines, the things we see and so much more. Watching this video made me smile and think, "What if we saw things differently for a day?" "Perspective" is a video that, in less than two minutes, really entertains the mind. While we already know none of this is possible, this video still allows us to envision the strange, false reality it creates.

I am not sure how any of the editing was done here to make the planes look as they are. Even the trains, buses, buildings, horses, and bikers feature changed perspectives. However, I sit here watching, and everything is brought to life because I am able to see what all this looks like in a video in front of me. Instead of reading or hearing something to imagine it in your own mind, a video creates the images for you to look at and interpret yourself. This relates to movies and TV shows too, where things have just gotten to the point where they are just so believable because of how far special effects have come.

Watching this is, simply put, kind of enjoyable. The sense of goofiness to it is something you don't get everyday.

A lot of the work we do is based off the reality of how things actually look, so when we film or photograph, the subjects are usually depicted accurately as things that actually exist. It is great to see other creatives with this ability bring these animations to life by creating a scene or a false reality just because they can. It seems filmmaker Fernando Livschitz wasn't commissioned to make this, but instead did it for himself and for others to see. As with any personal project, this one requires a solid amount of time and effort, and I have to say it could be one of my favorite little videos this week!

For a broad range of similarly fun, inventive short videos, including plenty that have won awards and have been highlighted by a wide range of reputable publications, check out Livschitz' website at Black Sheep Films.

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This video made me happy

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computers are cool

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Love it. Makes me smile.