Five Easy Transition Techniques Done In Camera

Transitions can be very useful in your video to move between scenes instead of just having the end and inserting the new one. There are several different transitions to use, some are very creative and some involve some great skills behind the computer. There’s a few transitions that can be done all in camera and can help you change them up.With some pre-planning in place for your next video shoot, you can use these five really easy and useful transitions shown by YCImaging. The only editing needed is to clip the two scenes at the peak of the movement and place them together; pretty simple.

The first transition is probably the easiest one to do and requires the least amount of planning. Simply use an object to completely cover your lens from view, and then uncover to reveal the second scene. The next few techniques all involve camera movement from a spin transition to a camera move up or down into the next scene, and followed up with a move from left or right in both scenes all give a sense of a quick change in the scene. The last one requires moving the subject in the shot between two scenes, as shown in the view while focusing on his feet as jump from one scene into another.

Get creative and try these simple in-camera transitions for your next video project. Remember to pre-plan and follow through. If you plan to use one of these, be consistent and make sure to film the second portion with the same transition. Mix them up, don’t use the same transitions throughout your entire video.

[via YCImaging]

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