[Gear] 5D Mark III vs. D800 (Part 2: low light, jpeg, buffering, ergonomics)

In this second installation, Chris Niccolls over at The Camera Store TV, compares the Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800, with photojournalist Mike Drew. Mike and Chris look at how these two cameras handle fast action in low light and how JPEG processing compares to the RAW files. What I really dig about this comparison is that it's not another model shoot but rather a real working world photographer shooting under the unique and difficult conditions of a cutting horse competition.
Looking for Part 1? You can find that right here.

via [TheCameraStoreTV]

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KGB's picture

While I find these comparisons interesting, there is one outstanding reason why they are essentially moot.
There are the Canon lovers, devotees, fanboys, loyalists...And...There are the Nikon lovers, devotees, fanboys, loyalists...Canon people say theirs is best, and Nikon lovers say theirs is.Interesting to compare, but unlikely to sway one camp to shift to the other."Mine is best" will always win out.
btw, Canon wins....;)

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With the price of memory so cheap, it's crazy to me that buffer limits are still around.  Anyone know how big the buffers are in these cameras?  Seems like 16GB would be enough and fairly cheap but it seems like they are around 2-4GBs

The D800 was not made for this scenario. The D4 is the low light, high ISO model for Nikon. 

The D800 should be ready for any scenario. If I were to buy a camera, I want it to be as versatile as anything else out there - and it should hold up in any format that someone would choose to shoot in, I don't think those are reasonable excuses for the performance in this test. That isn't to knock it completely, the D800 could excel in other areas where the Canon wouldn't, when you get to this level of pro camera, these nuances are trivial. 

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I'm looking forward to the D800e comparison, see how that one fares with JPEGs, ISO128000 and handheld shots at 1/10th of a second.


Nikon has always been not able to handle WB when comes to artificial lightings....  :) be it RAW or JPEG... (shoot as it is.... without Post Processing....)

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both cameras suck! I'm switching to Olympus...

Interesting they bring up the green cast on the images and how that was a problem with the D800 screen showing all images with a green cast due to bad calibration of the screen.  I wonder if the images still looked that green too!?

if you're shooting jpg why wouldn't you kick the resolution down on the d800 for an even comparison...i'm sure it has a 22 or 24mp, Fine JPG mode....CLEARLY the buffer sucks b/c it's putting our larger files....and as for the green cast.....well that's WHY you shoot raw...duh...

That's exactly what I was thinking.  How much bigger are those files?  Maybe it's only a few mb's difference but not fair when the Nikon's files are definitely bigger.  Oh and the issue with WB being different on each camera?  They used Auto WB!  Not even going to get into that.

Well, if they would just deliver my Mk III then I would not have to watch every 5D Mk III review - who am I kidding, I would still watch...