Google Glass' Latest Video Makes The Future Look So Wonderful

You may have heard of Google Glass in the past, with their nerdy glasses that stream social media directly into your field of vision. Their first video felt unpractical, and at time, a nuisance. They've changed that with their latest video, showing how you can seamlessly blend technology with your day to day life through photography, image searching and creating videos on the fly. Is this the future of technology; is our next camera just going to be photographing our field of vision?

The video above is the latest release from Google as part of their Project Glass concept. For those unfamiliar, Project Glass is meant to put your smart phone, camera, and all other technology right on your face, instead of a glowing screen in front of it. The concept glasses developed up til this point look admittingly geeky, the video shows that its a small trade off for the potential power within these glasses.


So do you think this is the future of photography? Will we reach a point were photography is more about the experiences that you are involved in? Where we all have the same capabilities attached to our heads?

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William Langlais's picture


just a boring gadget! I think on beginning it will be fun to test it but at the end it will just disturb the view. And who would run 24hrs per day with such a glass?

Graham Marley's picture

Nope. It's too much for me. Having a smart phone beeping at me all day is annoying enough, I like to engage with what I'm doing without the extra motive layer of recording or sharing with the rest of the planet. 

As far as photography goes, I don't like being "always on." I need space between the mindsets: When I shoot, I'm giving it all my attention for the sake of the work. When I'm enjoying something or some place, I want to just be there. Combining the two deteriorates both. 

Christoffer Fryd's picture

Agreed. And the speed in which tecnology is constantly becoming more and more part of the physical human is scaring me. Realistically, 10-15 years from now, we have chips inserted in our bodies, able to send messages to each other by reading our minds (measuring brain frequencies...). Or maybe I'm just paranoid. 

I'm up for a pair.

Sean R Kane's picture

Can't wait to go to shoot a wedding and half the people have these on in the church and are record/shooting everything and instantly posting.  

Zach Sutton's picture

I'm curious on the price for something like this. It feels like it'd be a luxury item...

Also --
A flyers fan!? Disgusting! (Pens fan here :-) )

~$1500 ... if you win the opportunity to buy one!

Larry Clay's picture

The future of photography? Give me a break. Where's the tripod, the light modifiers, the fast lenses, the ND filters, etc? This can be said for smart phone cameras as well.

Having said that I would love to have a pair and you can pry my Android phone from my cold dead hand!

Zach Sutton's picture

Don't get me wrong. My place is filled with softboxes in different sizes and every other piece of camera equipment you can image. 

But people are able to put together compelling and awarding winning images without them...and in some cases, do it with only their cell phone camera.

I think it's a move in the right direction were instead of having a phone you'll have an everyday item that does a number of things your old smart phone use to do.

Sean Holifield's picture

They are $1500 + tax a pair and you have to send in an application to get them at this point.

I love technology, would love a pair of these to play with

I am very excited for this new gadget.
This is the first consumer oriented HUD. Not a new camera system or a replacement for a phone.
As a photographer, gamer, and sci-fi fan, this  huge milestone for a gadget that has been portrayed in every video game and numerous TV shows. I think it is an amazing item that has finally been developed.

I am also excited about possible photographic applications: light-meter built in to the display that will show show spot light meter readings; shot counter (number of shots remaining in your camera), histogram/RGB number info... the list can go on!

I will  purchase one once they have finished testing out all the bugs and offer it on presale!

Albert Zablit's picture

But your meter readings, shot counter, and even histograms, are already present on your viewfinder/LCD...

Jacques's picture

It reminds me of this scene from Back to the Future where the kids have computer glasses:

I would never buy these, I have my nikon f5, my nikon d7000, I have my iphone, my mac, clothing, food, animals, and my bmx bike. That's all I need.

The interesting stuff is not the social-tainment stuff montaged in the trailer, it's the hacks and apps that will follow - the stuff we don't even know yet that we can apply AR to in practical ways. 

JimmySchaefer's picture

Do you think they will make one for my horse? 

Céline Antoinette Broussard's picture

NOOO. does anyone else out there think this is a terrifying idea? That technology will be THERE, every single day, of every min! And if it becomes huge to the point where its almost impossible to get around without one then, where is that taking us? Has anyone read the book Feed by MT Anderson? 

when it shoots a laser beam I will be more interested

As a 23 year old male in our society i do not like the direction we are headed. What is next a wifi chip in our head? 

feeling abit dizzy... cloverfield effects???

I just want push button select tint glasses.  Go from regular prescription, to sunglasses, to shooting glasses, to blacked out time for some shut eye glasses.  With editable HUD (time, sat nav, stopwatch, timer, etc) in a regular looking frame.  We have got to be getting close.

Why would they be working on better prescription glasses when you can just have your vision fixed and not need glasses? Lasik was the best money I have ever spent in my life. 

Want. Now.

Kinu Grove's picture

I see this being nice for specific applications but not all the time every day. It is a new concept so like cell phones over time it will get better. I mean in the early 80's did anyone really want to carry around the huge portable phones they had. Some people wear BT ear buds all the time so maybe that crowd will be into this. Regardless it is way to expensive right now for the mass market.

Louis-David Thériault's picture

Welcome to "Strange Days"

I think they will have some great applications but not for every day use in every situation. I think they will best be used in educational applications. People need less distractions today, not more. We need to get back into face to face conversations and leave the texting IMing, chating, facebooking, technologies. Opt in for a cup of coffee, glass of wine, beer or just plain old fashion water and conversation face to face. That would be truly awesome and would help small business survive because people are in the shops again enjoying each others company. 

Just my take.

Google would say, I think based on their discussion of project glass, that this is in fact a step toward less distractions and more human contact. The idea is that instead of having to stare down at your phone and block out the world everything is just seamlessly placed in your vision.

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