Gravity: A Detailed Look at the Oscar-Winning Special Effects

Prime Focus World’s Richard Baker and Matthew Bristowe breakdown a scene from Gravity, explaining how they converted the movie from 2D to 3D formats using View-D™ and how the special effects were fully integrated in the process. The videos below show the full breakdown of the special effects used in the film with interviews from director Alfonso Cuarón and more.

I was so happy to see that this movie got the recognition I believe it deserved from this year's Academy Awards, being that Gravity was my favorite film of the year.

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Noam Galai's picture

Best movie of the year. Watched it twice in IMAX 3D... probably the best thing ever done for this technology.

Spy Black's picture

Visually, yes. The script was a joke.

Hideto Shimizu's picture

VFX are not "Special Effects".

Martin Melnick's picture

A weird duality - one of the most amazing visual fx achievements in history, and also one of the most horribly written disasters in years. I wish it could have done both aspects well.