Great Tips On Shooting Handheld Video

Great Tips On Shooting Handheld Video

Last week I was at Disney with my family and had my DSLR with me to get some good photos, but I hadn't planned on shooting video and there was no way I was going to haul a video rig with me around the park even if I had planned on it. When I shot video I made sure to lean on something stable and let stationary objects do some of the work for me without the shake of my hand affecting the shots. Patrick from StillMotion just released this video today with 6 tips for keeping your handheld video smooth and usable. Wish he would have posted it 2 weeks ago though so I could have picked up the Zacuto Z-Finder before I headed to Orlando. Enjoy!

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Love the stillmotion peeps! They are so damn good, even at tutorials!

nah, I have always been meaning to get one. But I end up using my monitor most of the time. But the Zfinder is a great idea for stabilization, plus helps you grab focus beautifully.

Agreed - the optical element in the eyepiece that makes it a "loupe" instead of a simple "sun shade" really changes your appreciation for the rear screen.

Parick, not Paul.

If you get the Z-Finder (or any magnified loupe) be EXTREMELY careful when you don't have your eye up to it. I burned my LCD within seconds on a hot summer day. Luckily it was just on a T2i and not my 5D Mark II. They make covers and flaps to prevent this. I highly recommend looking into those when making a purchase. Also check out the LCDVF and Carry Speed's VF-4 for comparable products.