Hands On With The New Leica M: Video Review Shows All The Bells and Whistles Of Leica's New Beauty

John Dooley from the Leica Akademie Mayfair demonstrates all of the cool features you knew about, as well as those that you didn't, in this six minute hands-on review with the new M. I have to say that it looks like an incredible piece of craftsmanship and technology, and the amount of power that this small rangefinder packs is really quite something. After watching this review, I'm now feeling an insatiable urge to get my hands on one of these cameras. It looks like the perfect marriage of digital technology with classic rangefinder usability.

If you're interested in more information, check out Fstoppers' announcement of the release, which is chock full of pictures and specs, here.

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Nicholas's picture

Just beautiful.

I think the Leica by itself is a beautiful bit of camera. But when you add all of those attachments to it, it makes it look rather ridiculous. It kind of defeats the purpose of getting a Leica in the first place. 

HoMan Cheung's picture

that's the beauty of attachments....you can always detach :P the EVF is wierd though...i mean it has that great rangefinder VF

Martin Rotaveria's picture

Is it me or the video has a lot of "jello" rolling shutter?

Kyle Sanders's picture

That's what you get with no IS/OS, no physical stabilization (rigs), and a very compact rotational inertia - lots of wobble. For all of the bulk that a 5D/D800 with a 24-70 f/2.8 has, it dampens the vibrations and bounces a bit.

Rolling shutter will always be a problem with any camera that interpolates a 24+ megapixel image down to 1080p. If you want smooth video that is reasonable to hand-hold, get a camcorder. If you want shallow depth of field with great glass, be ready to put up with the drawbacks.

Martin Rotaveria's picture

Thanks for your reply i wasnt taking into account the rotational inertia of a small camera like this one. 
I have a 7d which has double the mass of this one and with a 24.70 it has wobbling but not as big as this one. 

Kyle Sanders's picture

How do you like the 7D for filming? It seems like it's right in the "not too big, not too small" sweet spot. Don't get me started on a rant, but that was one of the frustrations of working on the 5D2 - no HDMI out while recording, supposedly because of the single processor. On one hand, I think video is a silly add-on feature for an M Leica - a system that is founded on taking minimalism  to a near fault. On the other hand - with a CMOS sensor and live view, you are already most of the way to video, you just need to save the output data-stream.

Martin Rotaveria's picture

The 7d is ok for filming but demands a lot of post to grade and fix artifacts. I am saving my pennies for a Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
The Leica looks awesome for pictures but for me it's very far to be a contender in the affordable video/cine battle. 

Keith Bradshaw's picture

Thumb rest? Live view? 3 frames per second?  Whoa.

Kyle Sanders's picture

Watch out T2i/D3100! With the EVF, grip, and R-lenses it does remind me a bit of the digital back for the R8 - "we'll give the customers what they say they want, but in the way we want to do it". I always got the impression that Leica position was that if you want an SLR, go for the S system. Smaller? M or X systems.

Garrett Graham's picture

I found that whole video a bit annoying and did not provide a lot of detail )-:

Popescu Vasile's picture

just ridiculous... look, there is live view, look, it's making movie, look, it's making pictures. And one more thing, show me a leika after 3-4 hundred thounsand pictures, to see how it handle the wear

Gary Martin's picture

These cameras are so overpriced.

Greg Cary's picture

It's a black box box that takes pictures and is way overpriced

Dan Stone's picture

there goes leica :( maybe un-popular saying this but just dont like it, its now same as every other camera...... yay live view?! just like my mobile and point and shoot..... evf...they are great for messing up your eyes, all these new cameras are making me want to go deeper into film.... and i started on digital! sorry for trolling but not my cuppa especially for the price