The History Of Video Games In A Single Take

Being a child of 80s and having lived through all of the video game consoles, I really got a kick out of this evolution of games video. Figuring out a clever way to film a scene can be daunting at the least but building an entire video around a single frame can be even tougher. Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan and his friends came together to produce a collaborative video showcasing different video games through the years. It's creativity like this that we are looking for in your own BTS videos. Check out the behind the scenes video first and then watch the final video below.

Behind The Scenes

Final Video

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Patrick Hall's picture

I was immediately reminded by this classic :

Randy Richards's picture

I LOVE this! This is pretty brilliant work.  :) I can see how hard it was to get everyone in sync to get the props in and the shot done correctly. Great work guys. (Y) (Y)

this is pretty cool!

Photopia's picture

just needs to add 2011 - Angry Birds ;)  Cool concept and very well executed!

Sean Shimmel's picture

Such vibrant, playful imagination and (refreshingly)... not a single concern for a:

Snoot/flag/stripbank/ND/PocketW/RadioP/parabolic/fullframe/iso noise test/or...

(please add to the list)

Jaron Schneider's picture

That was a bit disappointing. From pinball, to Atari, to SNES, to Guitar Hero? I hardly call that a complete evolution of games. Still, fun concept. I just wish it was more true to the title.

Christopher-Kasey Breneman's picture

I dont want to be a pooper but it seemed like a lot of hard work, practice and timing for a very boring and underwhelming outcome.  The BTS is way more interesting than the final video. 

This was AWESOME until I saw him playing SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 3 ON A SUPER NINTENDO!!! That game was out on the NES not the SNES. Unacceptable for a tribute to games. And it would have been cooler if they kept ripping off clothes to expose the fashion of the times too, but thats nit picking. But the Super Mario 3 on Super Nintedo is super booty. They need to reshoot this and not show it to die hard 80's kids like me or they will get dissed. This clip needs more Contra code.

Christopher-Kasey Breneman's picture

Could have been Super Mario Allstars for SNES which includes SMB3 ;)

but it wasn't. Actually it wasn't even Super Mario, but it was trying to look like it.

Very nice!!! I'm not sure I could do 40 takes without losing my mind!

Henning Nilsen's picture

Cool concept, lackluster exection.
If you're do this you could atleast go all out and change his outfit as well.

60 years and he hadn't changed his clothes once...