How To Achieve Flow in Your Shooting

Have you ever been so immersed in your shoot, directing, getting the model to do what you intended and more, and forgetting about time and matter and anything other than what you are doing right now? If not, this video will tell you more about flow and give you some indication of how you can achieve it. Evan Puschak, who is the guy behind The Nerdwriter Youtube channel, really get’s into how you too can benefit from it, create great work and get over a creative block should you ever be experiencing one.  

He discusses how he keeps making things, because they have intrinsic value to him and how these things we do that we assign value to is things we love to do and that it holds value for it's own sake. For me it’s like meditation while being productive. It’s becoming one with whatever you are doing. It’s almost like you’re not doing anything at all, like the universe is at the lead communicating and sharing what it wants through you as a medium. I’ve been here several times on shoots and during post production. I appreciate this mysterious form of getting something done, and it’s something I believe anyone in the creative industry needs to experience if you haven’t before.  

It is a video I will return to whenever I have to refresh my creative pursuit. And the channel is surely one to subscribe to, he makes great videos for the creatively-inclined thinkers. 

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