How To Deal With Manual Focus And Your Super Shallow DOF

It's really exciting that every new DSLR now takes amazing, cinema quality HD video. One of the main reason it looks so different from video cameras of the past is the super shallow depth of field that large sensor sizes produce. It looks really cool BUT you will have to learn to manually focus the camera just like they have to do with movie cameras. If you are looking for a great tutorial on the basics check out the BTSV by Still Motion below.

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Yeah it's amazing what $15,000 gets you!

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You can get the same results with a T3 and $100+ 50mm 1.8.

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I want a Peli couch.

thanx alot "geniusez" . If you have s%^t loads of money that you can't spend, you can buy an attachable screen and then  put an optical viewfinder on top of it so you can realy see what's going on. As for dealing with the shallow DOF what is the answer again? I just turn it off? Oh thanx. And you know? If you close the apperture even more.... you don't even have to bother focusing.

Come on fstoppers this just some lame product advertising.