How To Fake An Underwater Scene In A Pool

For over a year and a half now, David Reynolds has been filming his "budget" series of short films called The Underwater Realm. Each week he and his team release a behind the scenes video on how they overcome some technical aspect of filming (previous Fstoppers posts here). This week Eve explains how he tackled the challenge of making a small diving pool appear like an infinite ocean using something other than green screen. If this is what is required on a budget, I can't imagine what the full blown productions look like!

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Is the audio out of sync for anyone else?

Bryson Mooso's picture

Glad to see real research being done on the story's posted here. Evie Hazelton is firstly a woman and secondly DP's the shoot. David M. Reynolds is the director and the one speaking in the interviews and he is a man. But good try...

Been following the production for a long time now! Really awesome to see those in depth BTS. Somethings in the article are a bit weird though.. Firstly, Eve Hazelton is a woman. And the leader of the project is David Reynolds actually..

But still, love the project!

Hmm waste of a post...that technique is nothing new. This just looks like a cheap rip off of empires of the deep. Why can't we keep this website photography basted? I would say that's bigger demographic.

Chris, this website is about BTS. this is a BTS. and if you knew a little bit more about how much work goes into sharing valuable information like that you'd refrain from writing poor comments like that.

Agree with you Erwan. Some people are really stupid. They have no idea how valuable it's to share these techniques. Good for you, put him in his place!!!


Kind of weak in the audio-for-video, especially on Vimeo, PUMP UP THAT OUTPUT GAIN. AT least 8db