How To Mount A Camera To A Drifting BMW

Dan Bartolucci and Gevorg Karensky over at Influxlab have put together a little montage video for everyone to see how they rigged the car camera up for the latest BMW M3 commercial. I'm sure many of you have wondered how they secured a camera when being so wreckless in a car; I guess now we all know. Dan told us this about this the shoot:

"We filmed in Downtown LA with an E93 BMW M3 using SpeedRail, Industrial Suction Cups, and lots of Film Tool's Clamps. Special Thanks to Film Tools in Burbank

BMW M3 - Behind The Scenes - Complete from Dan Bartolucci on Vimeo.

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wow !

Directed by Gevorg Karapetyan.

I like this.

Good video. would love to know what song that is as well?

A good bts video. The only problem is having the camera mounted on a single long arm which flexes, making the car sway in relation to the viewer. The arms used by pros are much fatter with all sorts of bracing to keep them rock steady. Some of the best I've seen for this type of shot was done by the crews for the BMWfilms series "The Hire" with Clive Owen.