How They Made This Single Photograph Look Like Four Different Photographs

Bela Borsodi is a NY city based photographer that shot this beautiful photo of what looks to be four different images stitched together. In actuality, it was meticulously created in one take to look like four photographs. This is a behind the scenes video showing us how it was created, which in itself is a work of art. 

Each element is strategically placed to put the illusion in motion. I can only imagine how long it took to plan it out before starting on it. It was created for the band VLP for their recent album release, "Terrain."

Be sure to check out more of Bela's work here.

[Via This Is Colossal]

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impressive. lots of hours getting those props to get just right. pretty cool.

Saw this on Petapixel and Giz and just about everywhere else, last week.


someone has too much time on their hands

Who would that be? The person making a work of art, or the person commenting on the work of art?

I enjoyed watching this.

Very nice! Reminds me of the pre-Photoshop days when building and photographing a set such as this was quite an art.