How To Use A Crane To Give Your Video A Cinema Quality Look

In Jay P. Morgan's newest video he shows us how he uses a crane to bump up production value by using a crane. Now I know you might be thinking there's no way you can afford a crane but you would be wrong. Last month we posted this video review of a $125 crane that anyone can afford. I purchased one and I am really excited to try it out in the near future.

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Just personally, I really enjoy Jay Morgan's information.  I really wish the quality of this particular production was better.  I feel like there was no color-grading or editing and it made it seem like the information was less valuable.  The camera movements were also a bit jerky when tilting during the crane shots which is just an inexperienced operator.

Not trying to knock what Jay does because he really provides great info, but I think there could've been more value and effort put into this one.

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I just recently got the indiGO-JIB and made a DIY dolly. Hope to be using it this weekend for a behind the scenes video. If interested, here is a little blog post I did with my short experience using it.

+1 for Kessler products, they are pretty fantastic

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JPM is informative, but does anyone else find him and his end results really corny and not something I'd ever use? Maybe it's just the actors that are bad and not him...I can't quite put my finger on it.

i totally agree. i had always thought that i was the only person who didn't think jay p morgan was anygood >_<

i've got a kessler crane and love it.. i'll use the self-level mode (which i use the most) and fixed-angle mode, but never try to do a manual tilt.  the video above has a manual tilt in the morgue shot.  that's why its a little jerky.  no matter how good you are, its hard to get a totally smooth manual tilt while doing a jib shot.  for that you need a remote control motorized head, which will run you another $2000

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I agree with Kevin and Anthony on the end result. It does seem like the video would seem more informative if it looked better. It's hard to take too much advice from someone who's product you're not stoked on. However, it was a nice little video that totally makes me want a crane! Seems like with a hired intern this guy could reach a lot more people. 

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Anybody knows what's the tripod is sitting on ?