If You're Looking To Buy A D800 Or 5DMK3 Watch This Video

Dave Dugdale from Learning DSLR Video has put together a fantastic video comparison of the Nikon D800 and the Canon 5D MarkIII. It's a unique view as Dave is an amateur and not an endorsed pro, so the video is unbiased and stays true to the facts. But don't let him being an amateur throw you off, he is very thorough and I learned quite a bit of useful info about both bodies while watching this. Even at 20 minutes long it was a fairly easy watch, Enjoy!

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6:30 OOF dude

 @Yang I am confused, what does OOF mean? I looked it up, did you mean "Out of Office"?

 I think OOF is Out Of Focus… just a guess though

 Thanks. I remember that night trying to get focus in such low light, it was not easy for me.

I still don't understand how, or why, rather, FStoppers jumps on posts from other sites like that Nikon 800 5.6 from NR, but manages to miss the quality content that's been floating around everyone else's website like this review. It's been around for two months now, and on Nikonrumors, Petapixel, Planet5D, and many other blogs/etc. If someone has been debating between the two, or hell anyone who's remotely interested because they already own one or the other, has probably already watched this, probably 2 months ago.

actually, i think fstoppers posted this two months ago... there has been quite a few time where fstoppers has posted things twice...

This is the first time it has been posted here. I hear you though Aaron, but sometimes its not the best thing to post a video at the same time as every other site. 

i thought i saw it here once... this is literally the only photog blog i freq and i swore i saw it here. oh well. my apologies. 

So, basically. If you want to film a lot at ISO 6400, but don't want that much detail -  pick the Canon. For all other purposes, pick the Nikon.

Porbably not quite all of the story, as Dave purchased the 5D mk3...

I love his relatable approach to his reviews and tutorials. Really solid video. 

I haven't had any issues with shooting multiple shots and having to wait on either of my D800 bodies; he needs faster cards.

As for the rest I haven't had any issues with moire and I do custom WB anyway in post after having a custom one when I shoot.

Aside from that the video was pretty awesome and accurate.

Only because he's saying it in a convincing manner it doesn't mean he is not biased. master of propaganda. 

Using the Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card I shot 17 continuous raw shots before the buffer started to slow the performance. But it still continued to shoot about one shot a second, just like the canon did in his video. I finally let off the shutter release button after 32 exposures. 

I don't quite understand all the discussion between the 5DIII and the D800. It's clear both have pros and cons, but I don't believe anyone is really having to decide between one or the other. These aren't entry level cameras and if you are considering any of them, you probably have more than at least $3K dollars invested in lenses, making it almost impossible to switch brands (unless you're rich; but then why are you watching reviews, just buy both of them). 

Why would you buy these cameras for Video? Sony,Red and Blackmagic have better Video systems. It comes down to hi-iso vs resolution, depends on what you need most.

 Why would you buy these cameras for video? Money. They're cheaper and have "things" that are better (like portability, more affordable lenses, etc.).

my guess is that most people will buy the 5dmk3 for video because people are stuck in their ways and Nikon is the new guy on the block.

Had a D800 for a few weeks thinking I was getting a great studio/non frame rate critical camera with beautiful output.  Unfortunately for me it was not the camera it is cracked up to be.  It is on its way back to Nikon so they can see why the images were all soft, colour cast was ugly and the depth of field was clearly unwell.  I stumped up the extra for the D4 in exchange and have been blown away on both stills and video front.  Anyone who can afford the $$$, get the D4 and never look back.

I used the d800 for 2 weeks while filming a show in europe and it gave me great images. I think it is a fantastic camera.  I also own the d4, and i love it. But the video on the D4 is ONLY usable in the 2.7x crop mode at 1080. It is a TERRIBLE video dslr until they hopefully fix this in firmware updates. everything other than the settings i just told you are soft and terrible, The d800 has great video in all 1080 modes, but bad aliasing at 720. Oh well, back to the drawing board Nikon :(

Fortunately I am a photographer and not a videographer. Nikon should be making a separate high end video camera if they want to play that space.

Fortunately I am a photographer and not a videographer so all my issues relate to till images.  Nikon should be making a separate high end video camera if they want to play that space or leave it to the specialists !  They have some work to do I agree.

It's funny how a lot of people are focusing more on the video aspects of the cameras when both primarily are best at photography. 

So true Tobias.. these are great cameras for photography that are merely capable video cameras. I would think that any serious videographer would buy a specialist product for that purpose.