Impressive Slow Motion Video Using The Sony FS700

With just $500 and 4 days to film, Luke Neumann of Neumann Films created one heck of a slow motion video with the new Sony NEX-FS700. What sets this video apart from all the others is that in at least every clip something or someone is flying through the air. With 24 frames per second we are able to see a ridiculous amount of detail captured on video. Check out Luke's review below to see what he has to say about rolling shutter performance, low light and resolution capabliiltes.

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Luka Smuk's picture

:D its looks too good!

Tobias Brixen's picture

'24 frames per second' doesn't sound all that impressive?

Not impressed at all, pretty worthless content~!

Dwarfed by the indian Slow Motion, which is actually an example of good footage and use of slow motion technique~!

Heh this camera is $8000, of course its better than the mark II canon. Its like he is trying to justify the purchase :)

haha! these guys spent $500 to make a free ad for Sony