Incredible Timelapse of Barcelona Took 480gb of Images to Create

Alexandr Kravtsov has put together what may be on my top 3 list for best timelapses. This kind of video work isn't exactly uncommon either so that placement is saying quite a bit. What's even more impressive is what Alexandr went through to make this piece. In his words it took "a broken camera, lost flash drive, near 100 subway rides, 24 000 photos, endless hours of post production and rendering and 480 gigabytes of material." That's insane! Well, I think it is. To be fair I have never made a timelapse so I don't know where that falls in the range of extremes for file sizes. Despite whatever the answer is to that, his hard work certainly paid off. Once I saw the first long track move I was sold, and each of those was done completely by hand with a stabilized tripod and a ball head. I realize that many of you might tell me that it's a pretty basic setup and I hope it is. I really want to see more that are done this way. All said, the video is beautiful and the music works surprisingly well.

Although I admit, at one point I did kindof expect Blade to leap from a building...or for some epic live action Mortal Kombat match to break out.

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Anonymous's picture

how was this made?

David Geffin's picture

wow, stunning!

xtremevicky's picture

Amazing :)

Danvil's picture

One of my favoite cities in the world with some of the best food in the world, Great video!

Noe Alonzo's picture

I've been working on a hyperlapse for the past year too, 3 terabytes later , still need another half year

Jacques Rall's picture

Why do you need so much time?

Noe Alonzo's picture

Mostly because Seoul weather sucks, its grey 90% of the year and I shoot only when the skies are nice and blue. Besides that, I shoot everything raw, export images as TIFFs to maintain the highest resolution. Use Lightroom, After effects, and Premiere pro. I've had to reshoot some scenes more than once because of a mistakes I make, and each clip is about 2-3 seconds long in a 3:30 minute sequence. I want each scene to be a good one and not a filler. There is a tutorial I wrote. Google: ROK On! Hyperlapse tutorial - step by step tutorial I made

Nick Li's picture

Good work, but he ignored and created an excessive amount of vibration and flickering in images.

Zweizwei's work is a good reference.

Brian Jarreau's picture

This video is FANTASTIC! great work!

Johnny Milkovich's picture

obvious that this hard work will go viral. Nice job.

Kenneth Younger's picture

What's a "stabilized tripod"?

downwinder's picture

Really great timelapse, interesting, varied. Really crap music, monotonous, irritating. I'll remember the good times, though.