The Lion City: Tilt-Shift And Timelapse Like You've Never Seen Before

Check out this jaw-dropping (I know we throw that word around a lot here, but seriously...I mean it this time, if you disagree, you can have your money back) video project by Keith Loutit. Filmed in Singapore, this timelapse explores depth of field in a way that I've never seen before. It's simply incredible!

Planet5d has exclusive information regarding the way the video was shot, which can be found here. Pretty cool!

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Nathan Mollison's picture

Wow! Why hadn't anyone else thought of that yet? It must've taken some real thinking to get some of those shots working, especially the ones of the parade/show at night.

Ye TZ's picture

i dont think all pic are TS blur shots. some are blurred by PS. like blurring come in and out from seances.

Jonathan Partos's picture

Very good video, but had seen something very similar quality.

here is the link:

latamstartups's picture

Maybe bc that was done by the same guy?

Paul Hance's picture

@Jonathan I seen that a couple of months back. And it is Dope. By the way thanks Mike for this post.

cool steadicam operator at 2:19

please stop with the moving blur stuff...its making me ill, and distracts from the otherwise excellent stuff!

btdown.. thats the beauty of tilt shift lenses, and works with some aspects of the video but completely fails with others, however i must say it flows well with the entire theme of the video. 

On second hand, unless im drunk and blind, a good half (maybe even more) is computer generated 3d fx. there is no way in hell this entire video is shot straight up... and if it is, i will give up my profession now.

Although i have just criticized this video, please note that it is a well thought out time lapse video. i do agree with the member who said some of the blur is not straight up tilt shift and is indeed after affects. the video overall is definitely worth sharing, and remembering for some serious time and effort was put into it. good job.


curious which parts you thought were CG and why? i've been in singapore for 2 yrs now and i recognize all the places and events in his time lapse.

Isaac 's picture

I thought I was watching some kind of LEGO commercial.

Freaking love it.

Jay Macdonald's picture

i feel like i love it but dont really now how i feel about it,,,?,,,,,,,,, but worst of all, as a viewer???? what was it about?????? i am tired but not empty of knowledge and passion x x positive big love alway xxx <3

Think tilt-shift timelapses are getting quite cliché/cheesy now we've seen a fair few of them.
The moving Blur is different but I'm not a fan.

John Godwin's picture

I think the time-lapse thing is reaching saturation point, but this video in particular is seriously amazing. Also, the chosen locations and the composition of some of the pieces is crazy. I love this. 

Love it or hate it, this is a superb example of tilt/shift time lapse!

+1 JPGodwin - locations and composition are wicked.