Luminance 2012 Conference: Zack Arias

Check it out guys. Here is another great speaker from Luminance 2012. Heck he isn't just a great speaker but also a great photographer, husband, father and friend to have (so he tells me). Zack gives us some insight on what it means to be genuine and what that means for your social media and ultimately your business. No need to learn the hard way, just watch.

“Editorial and commercial photographer Zack Arias has found the secret to success on social media: think less about yourself, and more about your community. And with over 46,000 followers on Twitter, Zack has a lot of say in the online photography world. In this video, he talks about why many photographers - and artists in general - need to rethink the way they use social media, and push themselves to self-promote less and interact more.”

Thanks again to Photoshelter for putting on such a great event and for making these videos available to all of us.
via [Luminance]

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I have nothing but respect for Zack. Not only is he creative and talented. He is also extremely intelligent at what he does. His knowledge and dedication go far beyond simple talent. Blend that in with his honest (and sometimes harshly necessary) personality, you get a great teacher, and a fantastic person. 

You've said it all! 

Too often in photography you see people being gentle and flattering. Zack is refreshingly blunt when photographic work is irrelevent or a masterpiece...

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E tare tipu asta Zac

Always good to hear his personal stories...not too many people would be that honest. Many of us can easily identify with him and that's what gives him charm and believability.