Luminance 2012 Conference: Peter Yang

I was completely f*cking torn as to what to do here. Post them all at once or roll them out. Here is the thing. I attended Luminance, Photoshelter's two day conference, back in September expecting the same old song and dance of over crowed auditoriums as speakers and spokes people try to sell me their wares. (Hmmmm kind of makes you wonder why I keep going to these things.) But I was pleasantly surprised as the conference was a departure from shit shows like the PDN, where attending almost assuredly guarantees I'll spend the next 12 months calling up vendors asking them to stop mailing me their advertisements. Luminance was well organized, intimate and full of well intended, like minded professionals who were accessible and down for a good conversation both on and off the stage.

Photoshelter has started rolling out the videos of each speaker from the conference and I was thinking I would wait until all the videos were up but I just can't wait any longer. I gotta share this shit because some of it is out of this world insightful, entertaining, informative, educational and/or inspiring. There is the odd speaker who felt like they were just plugging a product but for the most part this was without a doubt one of my favorite conferences (and I have been to plenty).

Now I know after I post this first video it will be a hit and many blog sites will bite right on and throw all the videos up at once but I have decided to take it slow. Cause damn it! Many of these speakers deserve their own post. So instead of unjustly plopping them all into one big mega post I'm going to watch them all again and post my favorite speakers. Starting with Peter Yang. (Sorry Zach, your video isn't up yet but you know you're my main man.) So watch these as they roll out and I hope you take away from them as much as I did. Sadly Luminance was planned as a one off event but who knows... with enough demand from our readers maybe we will be luck enough to see a 2nd Annual Luminance in 2013.

An odd side note as you watch this video: I'm pretty sure the water bottle omnipresent in the background comes close to not being touched. Someone finally picks it up and uses it on day two (can't recall who) but not before it has an illustrious on stage career with the majority of these fine speakers. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. So stoic. So lonely. I'm sure I photographed that bottle more than the speakers.

Big thanks to Photoshelter for putting on such a great event and for making these videos available to all of us.

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This was a great post. Look forward to seeing the others. Thanks for the post.

It's always nice to hear from the pro's who are down-to-earth enough to admit they did not always know what to do and how they got past roadblocks.

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Seems like a great guy. Loved the talk, wish I could assist him.