Man Tricks Girlfriend, Secretly Films Cinematic Engagement Shoot

Man Tricks Girlfriend, Secretly Films Cinematic Engagement Shoot

When you're a filmmaker, you naturally want to create an epic engagement video of you and your fiancée. But how do you do that without her asking about that professional cinema camera following you around? This filmmaker figured it out, and the results were well worth it.

Matthew Paquette is a cinematographer based in Barrie, ON. He recently decided to propose to his girlfriend, Clara, and wanted to make a video documenting the event. But of course, having someone follow them around with his RED Scarlet W might seem a bit strange and would tip her off, so Paquette asked her if she wanted to film couple-themed stock video at a carnival they frequented, with Clara unaware of the true purpose of the trip. She agreed, and of course, it was easy for them to film the footage, as all their interactions were natural and organic. It wasn't until they were on the Ferris Wheel (one of their first memories) that Paquette popped the question and the true purpose of the trip was revealed. 

As far as engagement videos go, this is quite the accomplishment! The result was well worth it. Congratulations to Clara and Matthew! 

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JetCity Ninja's picture

i would've just proposed to an airhead. why be clever when she can just be aloof?

John Skinner's picture

I guess this places me in the extreme minority... I wept.

Best all things possible

Gerald Bertram's picture

I agree, I thought this was great. I'd much rather see videos like this than the typical sales video disguised as a tutorial. Good luck to the both of them

Joseph Pellicone's picture

That was interesting but watch this and try not to cry

Roger Morris's picture

You sure that link is right? This video is contrived and phoney ... whereas the video in the article was sincere and real.
Anyway ... I assure you that I watched this and didn't - shed - a - single - tear.

Michael Randazzo's picture

Roger, I assure you this video is not contrived or phoney. My son created this proposal. The premise was her mother, my wife and friends invited her to a girls night out at the movies. My son created a make believe movie to be inserted in the previews. The make believe movie preview was about how my son and now my daughter in law first met. He used actors to create the preview. Believe me, she had no idea what was happening. He rented out a movie theater and we filled it with friends and family. My son made sure the previews started before she entered the movie theater when it was dark so she wouldn't recognize anyone in the audience. The creative thing my son did was he installed a hidden camera under the screen and microphone next to her seat. We watched everything from the projector room then from the doors entering the theater. You might not have been emotional when you watched it, but it was real.

Carlos MS's picture

I thought I was watching a cheesy dating site ad. Man, that was awful!

Kurt Lindner's picture

'Great story for the kids,' on another level.